The Trouble with Discontentment.


I haven’t quite decided where the border is on discontent as it transitions to unhappiness. They seem to be related, and entirely separate at the same time.

The impetus behind this post is the mounting discontent that seems to exist in my professional life, as it relates to its encroachment into my personal life. Work seems to take up more and more of my personal life, dictating my schedule and engagements, and lately, preventing me from doing anything, by having me work a prolonged overnight shift. These things are alright in the short term, but they have ceased to be beneficial to me.

The only real reason that I mention any of this is to put my thoughts on paper. This seems to temporarily satiate my need to complain to people.

This brings up an interesting logical roadblock/paradox though:
A.) Do I tell myself that other people have it worse, and therefor placate myself with logic and empathy?
B.) Do I use the frustration as a catalyst for change?

Are there emotions available to do both, or is this a fork in the road?
Is there a way to simultaneously be content, but frustrated enough to motivate a change?

I will continue to examine these issues, and let you know how it goes.



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