Friday Link Roundup

Here are a few links to a few articles that I’ve thought were interesting/relevant reads this week.

  1. Stop Accumulating Stuff
    1. Likely my favorite article that I’ve read the last few weeks. One of my long-term goals is to break away from the traditional “American Dream” of owning stuff, and more towards cherishing experiences. I want to be able to tell good stories of places traveled, and things seen, and people met. I don’t want to tell stories of missed opportunities and fear. A good chunk of this article revolves around Anti-Materialism, and there is even an excerpt from James Wallman’s Stuffocation. This was a good read for me, because I love stuff, but hate stuff at the same time. 
  2. The Friendship Exodus of Your 20s
    1. This was also a really good read for me. It hit home. I am a people person. I love hanging out, catching up, and meeting new people. One of my biggest frustrations with life is that I don’t have time to see all of my friends. This has been a tough pill to swallow, but one that it just a fact of growing up. Such a bummer. 
    2. Sidenote: There’s another article on this website names “An Intervention for Your 20s” that really calls out the fact that it’s not ok to say “30 is the new 20” as an excuse to waste your 20s, with the idea that “Everyone else is as confused and clueless as I am.” I really resonated with this idea that intentional progress is better than giving in to stereotypes. There was a line in the middle that simply stated “Treat yourself with respect. You deserve better.”  Perfection.
  3. The Millennial’s Guide to Stoicism
    1. I had never really given this much thought. It seems to be a concept largely synonymous with cowboys and superheroes. Instead, this focuses on the idea as a means of focus, discipline, and individualism. I can get down with this stuff. 

Also, big shoutout to my friends Phil and Lauren, who just started 517 Coffee (Site, Instagram)! It’s namesake is 2 Corinthians 5:17. Their coffee company operates as a NPO, and benefits oppressed people, whether it be someone stuck in sex trafficking, or someone else. Huge fan, and wish them all the best. They shipped me some coffee to try, and I have to say, it’s quite tasty. 

Lastly, big shoutout to my old pastor, and currently serving head pastor of Lakeview, Kevin Bruursema for his unique lent idea. He has been carrying a cross through his neighborhood for the last month. He admits to being scared to initially do it, and has gotten some ridicule, but has stuck it out, and really influenced a lot of people in his neighborhood, and now Chicagoland as a whole. Very cool stuff!




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